Liquid D3 Ultra


Vitamin D3 is critical for increasing intestinal absorption of calcium, magnesium, and phosphate. Vitamin D3 may help with hypertension, osteoporosis, bone growth, muscle cramping and with the conversion of blood glucose (sugar) into energy.

Our Liquid D3 Ultra product is developed based on cutting-edge scientific research and expert formulation to support bone health, immune function, cardiovascular health, blood sugar regulation, hormonal health, bone strength, cognitive function, digestive health, exercise performance, and improved mood. It contains a potent 5,000 IU per serving of natural-source Vitamin D3 - a fat-soluble liquid expertly blended with extra virgin olive oil.

Free from artificial flavors, colorings, and unwanted chemical agents like magnesium stearate, it ensures purity and quality and is a trusted and effective Vitamin D3 supplement that supports overall health and well-being.

Our formula is proudly made in the USA in an FDA registered facility, following Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the fact that only 4% of the supplements on the market can match our world-class standards.

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