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Take advantage of this new bundle at a VERY discounted price which contains:

  • The Detox Stack
  • 4 personal consultations with Mr. Titus
  • Our Unlimited Fat loss digital meal plan
  • A 90-day subscription to the Unlimited Wellness app

DISCLAIMER: once you purchase your bundle please contact us to schedule your consultations and activate your 90-day subscription to our Unlimited Wellness app at titusunlimited@gmail.com. Please note that you will be asked to send your before picture as well as a 1 minute testimonial video together with your initial measurements (waist and hip), height and weight. 


This downloadable E-book, includes the key principles that work for nutrition, health, and unhealthy weight loss. If anything you read, see or hear deviates from any of the six principles below, chances are you can dismiss it immediately. This is a way of eating that will enable you to achieve both effective and permanent results in a way that is 100% sustainable. The only way for this change to be permanent is for it to be both straightforward and, above all, enjoyable and simple to follow. The good news is that my recipe book will show you how quick, easy, and tasty eating this way is. As I always say, just because it is healthy doesn’t mean it has to be boring or flavorless! All my recipes are easy to make, packed with nutrients, healthy and absolutely delicious. We really are what we eat, and I think we can all agree that we would rather be made of healthy and nutritious ingredients than of fast or empty processed foods void of nutrients.

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