Kevin Harrington Partnership

Titus Unlimited and Kevin Harrington, one of the original sharks on Shark
Tank, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between Unlimited
Supplements and Shark Discoveries.

Kevin Harrington is an American entrepreneur and business executive who has
appeared on the television series Shark Tank. Kevin advises business leaders
worldwide, from start-up to Fortune 100. His proven record of innovation and
win-win approach powers every consulting relationship. Kevin thrives on
investing in new ideas and helping entrepreneurs succeed as a business
success hub, leveraging his network to provide capital and expertise. When
Kevin Harrington speaks, business leaders listen. He delivers success
secrets in an engaging, story-driven style that keeps audiences buzzing-and

Jean Titus, is a former financial advisor who worked for over a decade for
industry giants such as Morgan Stanley and Citi Group, but is now investing
his time as an advocate in the "Health & Wellness" industry. Nowadays, he
is involved in several business ventures and has become a Social Media
Wellness Icon "TITUS UNLIMITED". He dedicates his time to building his
worldwide brand TITUS UNLIMITED and Unlimited Supplements of which he is the
sole owner. Unlimited Supplements is a full all natural and high-quality
supplement products line.