Vegan Protein – Organic Beets & Maca – (Vanilla)

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If you are looking for a healthier alternative to animal-based protein you have found it! Vegan protein is made up of a powerful combo of Brown Rice and Pea Isolate. These provide amino acids, vitamins, and many minerals your body needs. These proteins are also higher in fiber which will aid in weight management. Vegan Protein contains no artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. This along with the protein blend will help relieve stress on your digestive system. A blend of eleven different super fruits provides antioxidants to help you with your overall health. Now with Organic Beet and Maca root plus additional Vitamins. Making this protein shake a daily must to meet your needs. 

8 reviews for Vegan Protein – Organic Beets & Maca – (Vanilla)

  1. Ida Ezell (verified owner)

    This Vegan Protein with Organic Beets & Maca (Vanilla) is absolutely AWESOME!! I LOVE that there is no aftertaste, it blends well and is so creamy and smooth. I’ve used it in my blender along with fruit and spinach and there were no lumps and it completely dissolved, but what really blew my mind was when I had it for lunch at the office and simply mixed a scoop with water in a shaker bottle and received the same smooth creamy texture. I’m so pleased with this protein. I cannot tell you how many entire containers of protein (other brands), I’ve thrown out because I couldn’t bring myself to drink it. Definitely purchase this protein. You will not be disappointed! Excellent is my rating!!

  2. Sabrina M. (verified owner)

    I have enjoyed the Vegan vanilla protein now for about a week and am very pleased with the results and taste. I am using the Vegan vanilla protein powder for my morning meal replacement. It has a wonderful mild vanilla taste and blends well with any fruits or leafy veggies. Vegan is a great base for any smoothie recipe that calls for protein powder as it is not too sweet. I drink at about 7:30am and feel full and energized until noon. Although beets are in the vanilla blend they do not change the taste of my smoothie but I am receiving the nutritional benefits from the beets and all the other ingredients, and that certainly is a plus towards my health journey.

  3. Latoya (verified owner)

    Love love love this protein. The taste is good blends well with frozen fruits. No chalky after taste.

  4. Sara

    This protein is absolutely delicious and knowing it is plant based and all organic is a relief. The maca and the beets add just the right amount of energy to do my workouts, get through the day and use this as a complete meal replacement. No after taste and yummy!

  5. ELIANE ALLALE (verified owner)

    This vegan protein is a must have in your kitchen. Not only is nutritious with great minerals and protein but it also so good. I use it in most of my smoothies but also in my muffins, yes my muffins. If you do not have this vegan protein you are missing a great product and it is organic!!!

  6. Mary Ann Sweers (verified owner)

    I have gone through so many protein powders and this is the first powder that blends smoothly, tastes great, no after taste and is full of daily nutritional needs for our bodies.
    I highly recommend this vegan protein powder.

  7. Bernard Ashe (verified owner)

    Best protein powder I ever had!! No after taste or chalk taste. But packed with great nutrients!!!

  8. Syclesmith (verified owner)

    Who says stuff that’s good for you tastes terrible. Well they obviously haven’t tried this Vegan Protein. Great tasting nutrient packed all you need supplement. This is a no brainer. A staple in my diet for sure!

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