Super Foods Bundle

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Purchase the Super Foods Bundle and the Detox Stack together and get 10% off your entire order!
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Chlorella Spirulina + Organic Seamoss + Organic Beats

3 reviews for Super Foods Bundle

  1. S Sykes (verified owner)

    Super Foods Bundle is both life changing and impactful. It increases energy and encourages the body to be consistent in providing high function. I find peace in knowing that my body is receiving what it needs in this product line. Thank you Jean Titus for all you do!


    Great products combined in a bundle. I have been taking them for more than 2 months now and my body is thanking me. I definitively recommend!!

  3. Lateta Briggs (verified owner)

    I added intermittent fasting to my health journey – 16:8 which my first meal came at 11a. I started taking the super foods bundle at 6a -and man- I would have to make myself eat at Noon. The bundle gave me the nutrients that had me satiated. My fasting efforts were made a lot more comfortable.

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