Raspberry Ketones

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Raspberry Ketones are a weight loss, metabolism boosting substance synthesized from red raspberries. Raspberry ketones do NOT have an effect on Ketosis, or ketone production within the human body. This product also contains the weight loss benefits from African mango extract and the amino acid L-Carnitine (L-Carn-uh-teen). It acts as a great weight loss enhancing substance. It may increase the level of Adiponectin (Uh-dip-o-nectin) which is a hormone in your body which aids in regulating blood glucose levels, as well as the breakdown of fats. Raspberry ketones are a mild stimulant, so this product also aids in energy production.

Serving Size: 30 Drops;
Servings Per Bottle: 40;
Bottle Color: Blue;
Bottle Size: 2 oz (60 ml);
Lid Color: Black


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