Collagen Type 1&3 Grass Fed

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Collagen is often taken to support healthy skin, hair, and nails. It is also and important nutrition for strong tendons and joints. Our multi-collagen is from grass fed and pasture raised bovine. It contains two different types of hydrolyzed collagen for maximum benefit.

3 reviews for Collagen Type 1&3 Grass Fed

  1. Ilona

    I love this collagen powder! I mix it in my chia pudding every morning, as it has no taste. My skin looks and feels better. Great product.

  2. Sara

    I use the collagen every morning in my smoothies and I can really tell a difference in my hair and nails. Highly recommend this product!

  3. wbsanders45 (verified owner)

    I’m finishing my first container and my knees feels so much better. I highly recommend this!

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